Culture creates an infinite number of opportunities to enrich society and the life of every individual. Tourism and culture are linked in many ways, and it is obvious that without culture traveling would be boring and emotionless. We intoBaltics UAB literally live from tourism, but we try all the time to infuse our projects with special touch of culture trough the people who work for us, the places we take to and the ambient we try to let be felt.

One of our initiatives is to support young musicians of Vilnius University, who study various professions but have the talent and skill to play. On their bases the Vilnius University Chamber Orchestra is formed and in this way, they participate in the biggest Lithuanian university cultural life. The orchestra is performing domestically and internationally already for more than 35 years with enormous success and consists of 45 musicians. IntoBaltics UAB as sponsor and your honest fan wishes you to shine and bright with music long after.




intoBaltics UAB tries to support the local community in any way we can. For the last years we had been part of the initiative to help the children of Lithuania who for some reason are forced to live without their parents. In Lithuania we have these communities called SOS Vaiku kaimai, where children live in big families with their sisters and brothers supervised by their „new“ mothers and fathers who are professionally trained social workers. For many years in Lithuania this was best alternative for children to have happy life when their real families were lost. We are happy to be part of this and we would encourage anyone to join this goodwill mission.